Cereal Bowl

Fantasy Football's Most Magically Delicious Bowl Game

Cereal Bowl VII

Baby Centipedes vs Wet Bandits

The winner of the Cereal Bowl wins Magic Stars cereal with wizard cartoon!
Eligibility: Being average at fantasy football

Baby Centipedes

Baby Centipedes had an up & down season. They flirted with the Loser Bowl and the playoffs. In the end they find themselves in the most average fantasy football bowl game in the world. This is their 2nd Cereal Bowl. They lost to "Dade Co" in Cereal Bowl II.

Wet Bandits

Starting out 3-0 all things looked good. Then the Bandits rattled off 6 straight losses and sold the farm. This is the Bandits 4th Cereal Bowl. They are 2-1 including a win in Cereal Bowl 2 against Baby Centipedes.

Rematch of Cereal Bowl II
Centipedes beat Wet Bandits 93-84 in Week 7

Cereal Bowl History

Cereal Bowl VI (2016)

Cereal Bowl Goes... To The Clouds!

First bowl matchup between the Sky Clouds & Darf Box was a tie-breaker match with the all-time series tied 4-4 coming into this Cereal Bowl. The Sky Clouds smashed the Box with an impressive 104-56 win led by Ryan, Matt. Darf Box missed a golden opportunity as their Falcons D/ST scored 28 from the bench.

Cereal Bowl V (2015)

KFC Pounds Dead Birds; Claims 2nd Cereal Bowl win

KFC Karaokee v Dead Birds — KFC Karaokee will drink that cereal milk once again as they claim a 2nd Cereal Bowl title. Dead Birds were not up for the challenge as they once again went with too many Cleveland Browns. It wouldn't have mattered tho as KFC put the final nail in the Dead Birds coffin led by Jordan Reed & Allen Hurns. KFC wins 97-64!

Cereal Bowl IV (2014)

Wet Bandits End Up & Down Year with 2nd Helping of Magic Stars

Wet Bandits v KFC Karaokee — Wilson & Lynch carry the Bandits to their 2nd taste of Magic Stars. They denied KFC the repeat CB and hold Peyton Manning to just 4 points. Wet Bandits get a second helping as they win the battle of former Cereal Bowl winners 86-68!

Cereal Bowl III (2013)

KFC: Now Serving Breakfast

KFC Karaokee v It Is GAMETIME — The Karaokee Machine was up to the challenge avenging their only loss to Gametime (earlier this season) by winning those Magic Stars! Phil Rivers scored more than a quarter of the teams points in this low-scoring battle as KFC roll to victory 71 - 68.

Cereal Bowl II (2012)

Steelers, Not Saints Help Crown D-Bags

Dade Co Douchebags v Baby Centipedes — Dade Co wins with the help of the Steelers, not Saints as Mike Wallace lifted the D-Bags and the PIT DST let down Thicketburn's Baby Centipedes. A 99-92 Cereal Bowl win for the Douchebags.

Cereal Bowl I (2011)

Eli Leads Comeback For Team BEER

Team BEER v Dade Co Douchebags — MVP Eli Manning brought TEAM BEER back late and Dez Bryant's lone reception (50-yd TD) sealed the win. The Dade Co Douchebags had great games from Drew Brees & Laurent Robinson but it wasn't enough as Team BEER finished off comeback late Sunday night & win the Magic Stars 105-98

Cereal has a deep connection to fame, fortune & high-performance ass-kicking...